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Louise Denyer

Louise Denyer is a British actress originally from Suffolk in England.

She now lives permanently in Paris, France and has done since 2006. She is totally fluent in English, French and Spanish.

Her resume of Acting boasts over 100 screen performances from short films to feature length productions, as well as over 50 theatre plays over a 10 year professional acting career.

In addition to her acting talents she is also an accomplished writer and director, as well as voice-over artist and has been fundamental in the setup of a number of organisations. See Other Work.

As demonstrated by the gallery pages Louise also enjoys experience within fashion photography and promotional work too.



Louise also teaches theatre and film acting in English, to children in various bilingual and French schools and Associations including EAB, Langues en Scene, the Kotoba Association, and to adults in both companies and privately to English learners and international actors wishing to act professionally in English for both film and theatre purposes.  She runs her own workshops and classes during school term and vacations.

Its aim is to provide all casting and production services for English-speaking low budget and independent film and video makers, wishing to shoot some or all of their films in Paris and surrounding area. This includes, Casting, Scouting and Pre-Production, Production Coordination, Production, plus additional services, such as Translation and Interpretation, coaching for actors in English and acting workshops, all at reasonable prices so realistically accessible such foreign independent film and video makers. For all further information, please consult the site

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